Ukulele Classes and Lessons

You will need a pre-registration code to register. We do this so we can be sure that returning students keep their current spots and so children in group classes are matched to similar skill/age levels. Contact Director at 508-369-1698.

Private Ukulele Lessons

Please contact the director, Louise-Marie Mennier, to arrange private ukulele lessons. Private lessons are 30 minutes long. We also offer 50-minute private classes recommended only for ages 6 & older.  

Sessions run 10 weeks.  Class start date is set once you enroll.

Please use this link if purchasing a Single or Preview lessons or see schedule below.  When possible, we're happy to add a class if needed. 

Beginner Group Ukulele Classes

For ages 5 & up, these small classes (2 to 4 kids) include singing, movement, and music games and are a great 'next step' in musical development.   Group lessons are 50 minutes.  **A group class can only run if we can match children of similar age & ability. If you are interested, please send us a note listing several days or times you could be available. We'll do our best to find a match and create a class.  

Additional classes can be scheduled at any time by contacting the director.   Learn more here

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Wednesday 4:00 PM Ukulele - Private Lessons (Preregistration Only, 1 Seat Left) Apr 08, 2020 Jun 10, 2020 Loulou Register